Published Articles:

"Political Machines at Work: Voter Mobilization and Electoral Subversion in the Workplace." World Politics, 66 (2): 195-228. (with Timothy Frye and Ora John Reuter), 2014.

"Online Social Media and Political Awareness in Competitive Authoritarian Regimes." British Journal of Political Science, 45 (01), 29-51 (with Ora John Reuter), 2014.

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"Hitting Them with Carrots: Voter Intimidation and Vote Buying In Russia." British Journal of Political Science, Forthcoming. (with Timothy Frye and Ora John Reuter)

Working Papers and Works in Progress:

"Individuals and Organizations as Sources of State Effectiveness, and Consequences for Policy Design." (with Michael Best and Jonas Hjort)

"Vote Brokers, Clientelist Appeals, and Voter Turnout: Evidence from Russia and Venezuela." (with Timothy Frye and Ora John Reuter)

"Businesspeople in Elected Office: Identifying Private Benefits from Firm-Level Returns.” (conditional accept at American Political Science Review)

"Elite Defection under Autocracy: Evidence from Russia.” (with Ora John Reuter)

"Princelings and Political Rents: The Value of Nepotism."

"Private Sector Policymaking."

"Anti-Corruption Campaigns and Political Selection: Evidence from Russia."

"The Determinants of Businessperson Candidacy."


Under Siege: Inter-ethnic Relations in De Facto Abkhazia, New York: Columbia University Press, 2010 (with Tom Trier and Hedvig Lohm)
Reviews: Nationalities Papers